Tuesday, 5 February 2013

9 to 5

I don't know whether it's just me, but in a skin-care routine, I always like to start with a slightly more exfoliating cleanser, and follow up with a more creamy, soothing one. I was using aqua marina as my gentle option, but I realised that I had a reaction to the calamine, so I was on a hunt for an alternative. I  searched around the website and all the cleansers, until 2 possibilities emerged,  I was debating whether to go for either 'Ultrabland' or '9 to 5', in the end I went for 9 to 5 because it was cheaper. So here's how I've found it!
       First thing's first, It's a liquid! Yes, an actual liquid cleanser from lush. this intrigued me as I believe it is the only one, the texture is quite milky and runny, but a beautiful ivory colour, and the smell is divine, I'd go as far as saying the scent is my favourite out of all of the cleansers, it has a florally, nutty, tranquil aroma, something that I love for my night-time routine as it makes me feel relaxed and quite drowsy.
     I will say that if you have problematic skin, this product should not be used as an individual cleanser! I repeat, not as an individual cleanser, it is far too light, and it won't pull out any gunk from the pores, saying that however, when you apply it (after hot water preferably, opens up the pores), the skin absorbs it so quickly, it's crazy, I know it is recommended on the website as a make-up remover. but i don't wear foundation or any skin makeup, so maybe the rate of the skin soaking it up is relevant to that? I don't know, but that is something I'm fond of, because it's a right pain having to work face products in for a long period of time.
     Lush do mention in the description that you don't have to wash it off with water, just use toner, but I wasn't too keen on that method, my face didn't feel as clean as it does with water, so that's my preferred technique, after the cleanser has been removed, the face looks healthy, nourished, and quite moisturized, which is a nice factor, because I get really dry patches around my face, so it was all balanced, so for all you folk with combination skin, a bonus there! I would definitely recommend this product, some of you may be sitting there thinking 'well what's the point if it doesen't do anything' But if you understand my preference of having an after cleanser that's more on the gentle side, go and check it out here