Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Lush toner review!

After I cleanse, I really love spritzing on a bit of toner, for a slight tight feeling, and just as a nice finish to my routine (when I can't be bothered with the moisturizer.) So as I have been so impressed with the lush cleansers, I thought the toners would surely be as remarkable, so I thought i'd give it a go. I started off with the tea tree water, because as I said I had problem skin the lady suggested that one, but when I'd finished that one off, and I had some money on me, I thought why not, so I bought the other two. So I hope you enjoy my review on the lush toners!

Breath of Fresh air

 I'll start with 'Breath of fresh air, The title of the toner is perfectly fitting, as it does smell like just that, you get scents of lavender, and citrus, and a hint of aloe I think, It says it's recommended for  all skin types on the bottle, which is handy if you don't have oily/combination skin like I do. The ingredients are so beautiful, that's why I love lush, because they do use the finest ingredients imaginable and the prices aren't even that ridiculous, they are definitely at a higher price range, but by god they are worth it. Breath of fresh air claims that it's a 'pick me up for the mind and skin', I do agree with that, when I spray it on I feel ready for the day ahead, I feel calm, It wakes me up, and it just gives the picture in your mind of being by the beach, (In england though!) except the scent is just intensified, so all of the usual seaside holiday smells multiplied by 100. there's the smell of seaweed, which is fresh and energizing, you get the floral scent, there's just everything in there and the scent really is so pleasant and refreshing, would definitely recommend it as a morning toner.
     Ok, so let's get down to the actual results, When spritzing it the spray comes out quite directly, Like a jet of toner, rather than coming out in a nice even mist, but that's probably just be being fussy like usual! DON'T GET THIS TONER IN YOUR EYES, it stings like hell! It also takes a remarkably long time to dry, I don't quite know why this is, but it can slow down the time it takes to put on my moisturizer. Anyway those are just my own personal complaints. It works for combination skin, definitely, it moisturizes the dry parts, and dries out the oily parts to a certain extent, which I was delighted about. After it has dried, skin feels nice and soft, it has a pleasant tight feeling, but not too much so, which is effective, as my skin is sensitive, and your skin just feels so clean? I can't put it into words, but your skin just feels clear, and free of unwanted toxins, which is just what you want when you wash your face! *Hint* If you put it into the fridge overnight, it will close your pores even more successfully, and it will wake you up and refresh you, which brings me to my next point, It's better for a morning routine, as it is very refreshing and  Rejuvinating. This toner is an absolute breath of fresh air, and would definitely recommend it. It costs £3.95 in the UK, check it out here!

Eau Roma

On each of these mini reviews i'm going to start with the scent, so here goes! when I first sprayed this on my face, childhood memories just came flooding back, because I had such a traditional stereotypical English granny, she baked apple crumbles, we went for roast dinners at her house every Sunday  and she smelt of lavender, and roses, and that was just the scent of her whole house, You're thinking how on earth is this relevant aren't you.. Thought so. It's relevant because the smell of 'Eau Roma', is my granny's house..  Lavender, roses, and perfume, captured in this tiny bottle, it's beautifully fresh too! I am in love with the scent and it is one of my favourite things about the whole product.
     It comes out in a beautiful mist, the spritz is very evenly distributed, which I like. It dries very quickly, and it's very gentle, i.e if it got in the eyes by mistake it probably wouldn't sting, because the only thing in there really is lavender and rose. So how does it work for oily/combination skin? It moisturizes the dry skin I have on my face without a doubt, but it is just slightly too gentle for me, I don't get the clean feeling in my face that I do with the other two toners. I can't feel my pores closing or my skin tightening. However it doesen't sting or burn my oily skin, something that the tea  tree and breath of fresh air do slightly, so an added advantage for that! After the short period of drying, your face feels beautifully smooth and I have noticed that it slightly evens out my skintone too! Which is an added bonus that wasn't advertised as part of the results of Eau Roma! Not the toner I would recommend for oily/combination skin, But still a beautiful product and I'm sure it will work wonders for anyone with drier skin. Go and check it out!

Tea Tree Water

This is the first toner that was suggested to me as I described my skin to the shop Assistant in my local store, and it was the first ever toner I tried from lush, and It must have been good, because I went back for more! 
      Now this spritzer is halfway between Eau Roma and Breath of fresh air, It is quite misted out and evenly distributed, but it does have that element of a direct jet, if I was to describe the whole product in one word, it would just be fresh. Fresh ingredients,  fresh scent, fresh idea, etc.. It is nearly completely made up of tea tree, which would give you the idea that it does nothing, but it's shocking really how much it does for your skin!  This is the only toner water that is targeted for oily skin, as oppose to all skin types, so I thought that was interesting, so that was one of the main reasons I did want to try this product, as well as being recommended it, and it's a good job it is recommended for oily skin, because it is so drying, more so than the other two. It does have a refreshing smell, that prepares you for the day ahead, but it's not too zingy and bright, so it could also be one of your night toners, as the smell is quite soothing and calming. Tea Tree is such a beautiful smell, it's so pure, and for me it is just the scent of cleanliness, Lovely scent, it is a very drying toner though, so I'd recommend it more for the oily side of skin, however if I have used a moisturizing cleanser beforehand, e.g aqua marina, then I don't mind using this, because I like to have a balance, so if you had skin that was slightly more dry, but you loved the smell of tea tree, that could definitely be an alternative for you. Go and check it out on their website!

Overall I would rank the toners on suitability for oily/combination skin:
1. Breath of Fresh Air
2. Tea  Tree Toner Water
3. Eau Roma Water

Bear in mind they are all fantastic products and would probably all work just fine for you, I am  just being picky, Furthermore Breath of fresh air and the tea tree toner are both quite similar products, it is just my personal preference.



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