Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Charity Pot: Hand and body lotion

Ok, so here is the mini review I promised to make on the little tester I was given on the way out of my lush trip on Saturday,  it's the Lush charity pot, now this little thing smells like a piece of Turkish delight that has been put through the blender, with a slight nutty aroma at the end, it is pleasant, but overwhelmingly strong. I know there's also 'organic cocoa butter' in there, along with many other beautiful products, which is just standard for lush, because they don't make anything without the finest ingredients being involved somewhere.
    The truly magnificent thing about this product is that 100% (not including vat) goes to a charity, I think that's amazing, how lush will spend their money and their time, with beautiful expensive ingredients involved, and they don't keep any of the profits. 'What a lovely thing to do, on the website it says 'Lush will give our time, Lush will give our raw materials, if you will be kind enough to buy it'. I think what I love the most is that they made a product that will actually attract people, and will buy it regardless of the fact all the money goes to charity, which is an ingenious way of getting more and more money to a good cause. 
   Down to the actual results, it is a milky white colour, and the texture is slightly thinner than what you'd expect from a hand and body lotion. It dries very quickly on the hands, it absorbs into the skin straight away, once your hands have soaked it all up they are left feeling very very moisturized, and smooth, on the body (I tried it on my legs) it does work, and it leaves skin feeling very nourished and smooth, but I prefer it as a hand lotion. The scent left on your hands is as though you've been a little bit greedy with a box of Turkish delights, that's the only accurate description I can muster. Charity Pot, go and check it out here:
(The lighting on my camera was being strange, I apologize)

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