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Skincare Favourites!

Skincare Favourites

So I have oily/combination skin (which is also sensitive), and I was having an absolute nightmare finding a way to clear up my spots and excess oil, without stinging or burning my face, so I went online and did some research, and apparently the most effective skincare line is lush, for not upsetting the sensitive skin-type whilst absorbing oils at the same time. So I checked the website and saw the ingredients, once I read through, I automatically assumed 'as if that's going to help'. NEVER HAVE I BEEN MORE WRONG!  


I tried Herbalism as it was was targeted at my skin-type   so just to give lush a go I bought a pot. I am so glad I did, because I have fallen in love! It has changed my skin for the better.. Herbalism is one of the finest facial washes I have ever used in my life,(among other lush products!)  It is an absolute nightmare to put on, the smell is like vinegar made out of leaves and herbs, and it is bright green, but  if you can get past that,the effects it has on your skin are just astonishing, This product absolutely ticks all the boxes for me, it's slightly exfoliating, but still gentle.. you can feel it working on your face and really scrubbing out the pores, fantastic..2 weeks after purchasing my skin had improved a noticeable amount, a significant amount of people were asking what i'd been using, and I swear by this product now, I'm lost without it! It is a pain to put on, I grant you, as it's a solid cleanser (as many lush cleansers are) You have to dig whatever amount you need from the tub, (around a pea to a popcorn size, depending on how oily your skin is.) You take the amount and run it under the tap, then rub it all over your face, or get a little amount, and put it into your palm and add water to create a milky texture and apply to the face..Honestly it's absolutely fantastic if you can get past the colour, odour, and the fact it's solid. In the UK it sells at £6.25, which I feel is completely worth it. Go check it out!

Ocean salt

This product is beautiful for when your face is just not going right, all your pores are clogged, your skin feels oily, and spots are erupting out of your face like volcanoes.. This is perfect.. to me it just smells like summer, it has a scent like citrus, the sea, coconuts, avocado etc, It is a beautiful turquoisey white colour, and it is the ultimate scrub, the coarse sea-salt is used as the exfoliating beads, and the avocado moisturizes as the sea-salt can be slightly drying, so there is a perfect balance.. you can really feel this product digging deep into your pores, it goes on smoothly,  it's a lovely, soft and creamy product. However it is very invigorating, it definitely wakes you up in the morning, (can be used for the body as well, but I like to use it on my face)  but so i wouldn't recommend it if you had seriously sensitive skin, however my skin is quite sensitive and I enjoy it, but don't use it too much, only 1/2 times a week, because it is very exfoliating, so make sure you don't tear your skin to shreds! It's meant for all skin types, I have oily skin, and it works fantastically well for me.. The ingredients are all fresh and fruity, the only thing that puts some people off is that the limes that they use are soaked in vodka, this doesen't bother me, but I thought i'd mention it just in case. It's easy to take off, no residue and doesen't make a mess.. a great product.. £6.95

Angels on Bare skin

I genuinely do not understand why this is a worldwide best seller, It's ok and everything, but it's nothing spectacular, as herbalism or dark angels was for me. It smells like lavender, which is pleasent, and looks a bit like dried up porridge with some specks of lavender, which i don't mind, because that's relatively normal for lush's products... It is nice, it's quite thick and it's easy to create the lumps needed to spread onto the face, I suppose it's just because i need a stronger product.. There is almonds in there to give an exfoliating element, but i just don't think it's suited for oily skin.. Lush claims that this product 'evens out skin-tone  reduces redness, and improves the health and appearance of your skin'.. just empty words i'm afraid lush. Afterwards it does make your face feel quite soft, but nothing extraordinary. I purchased after reading all the amazing reviews and in my opinion it just didn't live up to them. Sorry angels on bare skin! Costs £6.25 in the UK

Tea Tree Toner Water

The 'Tea Tree Water' Toner from lush, whatever product I use on my face i'll always spritz this on my face afterwards, It smells lovely and fresh, It closes your pores after cleaning them out, so you don’t let in all the dirt you just cleaned out. You can spray it on to a cotton pad and wipe your face with it if you’re having a bad day, or just squirt directly on to the face, which is what I usually do.. But honestly, This is one of those products every bathroom needs, it wakes you up for the day ahead, gives a slightly tight feeling, (but not unpleasant) It smells absolutely gorgeous and fresh, it dries relatively quickly, and it is a perfect finish to any skincare routine, fabulous product. The only down side I would say, is that it is quite a drying product, which isn't too great because despite I have oily patches, I do have combination skin, so I need something that will work for my whole face.. It retails in the UK at £3.95 for a 100g bottle, and £7.20 for a 250g bottle. it’s definitely worth the price.

Dark Angels

This has to be drawing with Herbalism for me. It's just the perfect exfoliating cleanser, the best I've ever used (sorry ocean salt)  it's just perfection, when i'm washing my face, i'll always use this one first, just to empty any clogged pores, wake me up, etc, because it's quite a soft exfoliant, but you can definitely feel the scrubiness, it's just a joy to use. It is black as coal, and it smells like Liquorice mixed with lavender, and personally I don't really like Liquorice, the scent is very strong, but I can get past it for the absolutely faultless product that it is. Great for if your skin , it completely gets soaked is misbehaving and being oily. When you apply it to your face, it just goes smoothly on, It does make a mess of your sink I grant you, but completely worth buying.. The product makes your face completely black as black, when I put it on it looks a bit like I'm a chimney-sweep from Victorian times, which I always find quite amusing. The ingredients are lovely and natural, there's things in there like organic cold pressed avocado oil, to soften and moisturize  so that you don’t take too much out of the oils. There's things like Sandalwood and rosewood which give a rich deep fragrance whilst also being cooling and antiseptic. I just love it, and it is the perfect scrub for me, because it isn't too harsh on my skin, So for all you sensitives out there, GO FOR IT! It costs £6.25 in the UK, which for the fantastic product it is, it's quite moderately priced!

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