Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Aqua Marina

So yet again I went into lush on a mission to find the best skincare product for oily/combination skin, Now I know it says on the website that it is recommended for dry skin, but when I called up customer service and described my skin, The first thing they suggested was 'Aqua Marina', So I bought a tub and I thought i'd let you guys know the results and how I feel about the product!
     I'll start with the smell, as you may have heard from other reviews, it is very very strange, it has like a fishy scent with a floral note? I know it sounds totally disgusting, and even the notion should be absolutely repulsive, But in a really Bizarre way, It actually is quite pleasant? It's like a fish that's been wrapped in lavender and rose and lovely smells, Odd I know. It looks like a pink mousse with bits of seaweed stuck inside, and the texture is like a really really thick clay. It is also rather sticky, But being a slight lush freak, i'm used to the madness of all the products, because the results are usually so beautiful.
     So when applying it to the face, I' will wet the face first, and then put a little into my fingers, I put the Aqua Marina in my hands under the tap, so it is more supple when applying on the face. when it's being smeared on, it comes out as like the texture of milk, more and more comes out of the little blueberry sized amount, until you have a light coating of pinkness, I leave it on for 5/10 minutes, during that time i'll brush my teeth and comb my hair and things like that, during that time i feel a mild stinging on my face, which is the kaolin digging deep into the pores and removing all the gunk stuck down there, you can also sense the product drying, like a clay mask, I'll wash it off before it dries too much..
    When you've finished rinsing off the excess product, there is no residue, no product left, just your baby smooth skin, and what I think impressed me the most is that I had a blackhead on my chin before using Aqua Marina, and it just wouldn't budge, i'd tried all the products, all the squeezing methods, and it stayed there, as stubborn as anything. After 1 application of aqua Marina, just 1, It was gone, completely gone, with no remains. I was just so thrilled, because it may sound so minor, But just that blackhead being gone proved to me that the product had worked. So the product makes your face feel baby soft (which by the way stays throughout the whole day). And I don't have to apply nearly as much moisturizer, smiles all round! Would definitely recommend it. However the shelf life is only 3 months, which is a bit of a down-side, but i'm sure i'll get through it ok, it costs £6.25 in the uk.

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