Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Mask of Magnaminty

Hey guys! So this week on my regular trip to lush, I was pondering which products were actually left for me to try out and critique for you. Then I spotted the 'Mask of Magnaminty'. Now I am a virgin to the Lush face masks, so I thought as this one doesen't require all the hassle of putting it in the fridge, and using it up within the month of expiry, I decided to give it a try, so here's how I got on.
     The first noticeable thing about it is that the product is a sludge green, as there's mint in there (obviously) I thought it would be a grassy, fresh colour, so that was a bit off-putting. and the scent is a musky, peppermint. It's very pleasant, and the smell is more obvious when applying it, which brings me to my next point, it is a very strange texture, it says in the ingredients that it has 'ground aduki beans' which is probably why, when I trialed the mask on my dad, he turned his nose up and claimed 'it felt like having cold bolognese sauce rubbed on his face'. Lovely Father. However I do see where he's coming from, the texture is strange, thick but a bit lumpy, but the lovely thing is that it's cold when it's first slathered on the face, which is lovely and refreshing. There are 3 stages to this when it starts getting to work that I've noticed:
1. A mild stinging sensation, (don't worry, it's not just me, my dad agreed!)
2. It starts to make your face really cold, wherever you happen to move a rush of icy air envelops the face, and the mint gives you a tingly feeling.
3. It dries up, which makes your face feel very strange, having a crusty layer plastering it.
    When the product is drying, your face tightens up a considerable amount, which isn't unpleasant, just makes you feel like you've had botox like Madonna, I was barely able to talk! I normally leave it on from 10-20 minutes, until it's primarily dry on the face. 
              One thing I wouldn't recommend is trying to remove it with a flannel/washcloth, as it is too crusty and just doesen't come off. Use some water and the good old fashioned splashing technique. Works every time! I think my favourite thing overall about this product is that when I was washing it off, and the mask had nearly all gone, my face was actually squeaking it was so clean, I was absolutely amazed, I'd never had that with ANY skin product before, so to feel my face so clean was a new record, as always my face felt ridiculously soft after it had all been washed off and the squeaking had subsided, I expect nothing less from the lush skin-care now though, an extraordinary product, and if all the face-masks perform to that level, many more reviews will be coming your way! Ciao! 
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