Monday, 7 January 2013

Happy Hippy Shower Gel

Happy Hippy

This is a great shower gel, it's lovely and fresh, fruity, and invigorating, it's a best seller too, I can see why! The smell is like grapefruit and citrus, which is gorgeous in the morning, it gives you a really zesty citrusy scent which stays on you, which I think is important. It lathers up really well, I literally just put a drop on my scrubbing brush with some water, and BAM there is enough lather to cover the whole body. There is loads of grapefruit juice in there, and it can be used for the hair or body, and it says it's perfect for waking you up in the morning, which is totslly true, I don't know what it is about grapefruit, but the scent is just so fresh it automatically wakes me right up. I know there used To be a picture of a hippie on the packaging, and they stopped doing that, which is sad, because it definitely added a certain something to the product. Sad :( It costs £3.15 for the 100g bottle, £6.25 for the 250g, and £10.75 for the 500g. Worth a try! Especially as it's rated 5 stars on the website, go check it out!

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